Westbank Homeschool Organization Inc. By-Laws

Article I- Name
The name of this organization is Westbank Homeschool Organization Inc., hereafter referred to as WHO Inc. and it is a
non-profit organization.

Article II-Mission Statement
WHO Inc. is a support group that exists for the purpose of providing service and support to home educators. We
support the freedom of all home school families. We believe that every family has a legal and constitutional right to
home educate in the State of Louisiana.WHO Inc. has Christian values and is non-denominational. We encourage our
members to be involved in a Christian Church.

Article III- Purpose
WHO Inc. exists to support and provide information for home school families in the following ways:
1. By providing information of the political climate of home education in Louisiana and the United States of America.
2. By protecting the freedom of home education in our communities and the State of Louisiana.
3. By publishing a monthly newsletter, with the exception of June and July.
4. By distributing home education material vital to home educators.
5. By providing activities, seminars, workshops, and other educational service that will help educate our families
interested in home education.
6. By providing whatever programs or services in the future that are deemed necessary by the membership of this

Article IV-Family and Education
Section I-Family
1. We believe that the family is the social and spiritual unit that will teach their children in their own religious beliefs.
2. We believe "family" to mean a male and female parent with one or more children (Genesis 1:26-28) although we
recognize single, divorced, and adopted, foster, or step children.
3. We are a Christian support group. We believe in God, eternally existent in three persons: Father, Son, and Holy
Spirit. (Matthew 28: 19, 2 Corinthians 13:14) We believe Jesus Christ is our Savior. Therefore, we reject Satan, all of
his works, and all of his evil promises.

Section II-Education
1. We believe the ultimate responsibility of educating children belongs to the parents. Parents may allow others to
teach skills that children need to know, but all education is under the control of the parents.
2. Although we have chosen to home school our children, we recognize that some parents cannot educate at home
and we support the right of parents to send their children to a school of their choice.

Article V-Membership
1. Membership is open to all home schoolers who agree with Article IV-Family and Education.
2. It is expected that all families will support WHO with annual dues and support each other as home educators.
3. Members are responsible for underwriting their share of the cost of activities in which they participate in, (i.e. field
trips, picnics, sports activities, etc.)
4. Members are not to give out names, addresses, or phone numbers of other members unless given permission.
5. Families may sign up for membership as long as they agree to our bylaws.
6. A membership form and dues will be submitted to the Membership Coordinator on an annual basis at the beginning
of each school year or at the time of application of membership.
7. If any member is found to be in non-compliance with our bylaws, then there will be a hearing before the general
membership to decide whether the said member may be dropped from membership.This will be done by a majority
8. All members are entitled and encouraged to discuss home schooling related ideas and concerns with the board of
9. All members are entitled and encouraged to participate in open discussions about WHO Inc.
10. All members are entitled and encouraged to represent themselves as members of the home schooling movement
to the media and to the community in general.

Article VI- Board of Directors
Section 1- Description of Board
1. There shall be a number of five officers for this organization.  They shall be President, Vice President, Secretary,
Treasurer and Membership Coordinator
2. Board members may be male, female, or a couple.
3. Each position may be held by one family, but only one vote is allowed for each board position.

Section 2- Meetings
1. The Board of Directors shall meet at least four times a year.
2. When the board meets, meetings may be open or closed meetings. All members are welcomed to attend open
meetings and make suggestions.
3. Specials meetings can be called by the discretion of the President, or by a majority of the Board with a 24 hour
4. Special meetings may be held behind closed doors.

Section 3- Eligibility
1. Board members must be home schooling for at least one year and a member of WHO Inc. Any exceptions will be
subject to approval by the board of Directors and/or members.
2. Board members cannot serve on another home school board while serving on the board of WHO Inc.  This would
create a conflict of interest.

Section 4- Terms of Board
1. A term consist of 1 (one) school year. Dates of the term are July 1st-June 30th.
2. Members may serve more than one school year.
3. Nominations are accepted for the board of directors at the April meeting.
4. Elections (for run off positions of the Board of Directors) will be held at the May meeting. Cast of votes, by all
members present at the May meeting, in the form of ballots will decide the officers for the board in the upcoming
school year.
5. If for some reason a person cannot fulfill their duties on the board, they shall turn in a written resignation to the rest
of the board. Nominations will then be open for a new board member.  Within one month (30 days) of the date of
resignation a special election will be called.
6. Officers must be present at WHO Inc. Board Meetings and WHO Inc. Promotion Ceremony.

Section 5- Miscellaneous
1. Votes shall be decided by a majority of the board.
2. Board members may be reimbursed for expenses incurred while fulfilling Board duties.  The Board of Directors will
discuss these expenses at an open meeting and will approve or disapprove the expenses at that time.
3. Members of the Board of Directors shall not receive a salary for being on the Board.
4. Any board member may collect membership dues and application.

Articles VII- Duties of the Board
1. President: Is responsible for the overall function of WHO: presides over all meetings of the Board of Directors,
coordinates the dates of all activities and functions sponsored by the organization, oversees work done by any
individual or organizations that are rendered by WHO, works with the Treasurer in the disbursement of funds and may
pay bills of the organization.

2. Vice President: Shall execute the duties of the President in his/her absence, will have duties assigned by the
President and works with the President to oversee all activities and functions.

3. Secretary:  Responsible for recording all minutes of the regular and special board meetings and must present
written record of such meetings to the President. Minutes may be made available to all members.

4. Treasurer: Will be responsible for maintaining financial records, may pay bills of this organization as long as it is
Board approved, providing financial reports, and proposing an annual budget

5. Membership Coordinator: Responsible for collecting the annual dues and application forms, maintaining a list of all
members' addresses, phone numbers and /or cell phone numbers, email addresses, and distribute directories,
handbook and library list.

Article VIII- Budget
1. A proposed budget and annual dues shall be developed by the Treasurer, approved by the Board of Directors, and
adopted at an annual meeting. The proposed budget is tentative and can be changed according to the needs of the
2. Dues will be based on the operating expenses, such as the cost the Newsletter, Promotion Ceremony, and
Information Packet, and other expenses deemed necessary by the board.  Dues will be paid once per fiscal year.
3. The fiscal year shall be from July 1 to June 30.

Article IX- Expectations of Members
1. We focus on support and friendship among families.
2. We have respect for our differences in religious beliefs, backgrounds, and methods of homeschooling.
3. Even though we are all Christians, members are expected to be courteous and keep their religious beliefs to
4. Each family is responsible for their safety and well being during WHO Inc. activities.  Members are encouraged to
use appropriate safety equipment when engaging in activities such as bicycling, roller blading, etc.
5. Use of obscene gestures or language when attending WHO Inc. activities and meetings is not acceptable.  
Members are expected to show good character.
6. Members are expected not to smoke around the children at WHO Inc. functions because some have health
7. Members shall not bring guns, knives, or other weapons to our group activities and meeting.
8. Members shall not physically or verbally insult other members.
9. Members can feel free to join other home school groups. There is no law that says homeschoolers have to belong to
only one group.

Article XI-Amendments
These bylaws may be amended by a majority of the Board of Directors of WHO Inc. and/or a majority of the vote of
members present at a meeting.  An amendment must be submitted in writing to the Board of Directors 6 (six) weeks in
advance of a board meeting.

Article XII-Dissolution
Upon the dissolution of the organization, assets shall be distributed for one or more exempt purposes within the
meaning of section 501 (c) (3) of the Internal Revenue Code, or corresponding section of any future federal tax code,
or shall be distributed to the federal government, or to a state or local government, for a public purpose.

Article XIII- Non-Liability of Board Members
1. Board members or directors (owners) shall not be personally liable for the debts, liabilities, or obligations of the
2. Board members of directors (owners) shall not be held liable for injuries or deaths resulting from any WHO Inc.
3. WHO Inc. does not carry liability insurance and is not responsible for injuries or death.

Article XIV- Sale of Items at WHO Inc. Meetings.
1. Sale of educational items is allowed at monthly meetings.
2. Sale of items for personal profit is not allowed at monthly meetings. However, flyers and catalogs to place on tables
are acceptable.
3. Group sponsored sales are allowed where WHO Inc. receives full profit.

Article XV-Policies
Section 1-Physical Education
1. Children are not to operate gym equipment such as basketball goals, fans, windows, etc...
2. Adults will be shown how to open & close windows, turn on and off fans, air conditioning and heating systems.
3. Children need adult supervision. Therefore no child should be dropped off for Physical Education unless an adult
has taken responsibility for them. Keep in mind that your child could get hurt and need medical care.
4. Older children should have respect for younger children; certain areas will be designated for each age group.
5. Balls should not be kicked around the gym or outdoors unless in supervised play. Some children will receive injury
by this play.
6. Bathrooms are off limits except for necessary bodily functions.  No one should play in the bathrooms. Please use
the appropriate bathroom for the proper gender.
7. No children are allowed under the bleachers. Children are allowed to sit on the bleachers if they decide to sit out of
8. Doors are to be kept closed in the gym at all times.  Adults have the right to open doors for air circulation.
9. According to WHO Inc. Bylaws, children are not allowed to bring weapons such as guns, knives, etc...

Section II-All WHO Inc. Functions
1. Members should pay all fees for field trips by the deadline date for said field trips.
2. WHO Inc. functions are set up for the education and enjoyment of its members. Please show proper respect when
attending function, members should follow all rules of the institute we are attending.
3. Members should understand, although it is rare, that certain field trips are non-refundable. This is due to the place
of business where the field trip is held.
4. Refunds for members who cancel put on field trip will be made unless it is a non-refundable field trip. Members
should realize that refunds cannot be made on the location of a field trip.  If a refund is due to a member, the member
will be mailed a check for the refund amount.
5. Members may transfer their refunds to another field trip.
6. Members should realize that since we are homeschoolers we are the teachers of our children. Members are
responsible for helping their children as a teacher would help their students.
7. Members should follow the direction of the field trip coordinator or leader/leaders of a WHO Inc. activity.
8. Members should respect other members of WHO Inc. functions. Please keep your hands to yourself, do not
physically or verbally correct other member's children. It is best to go to the parents of a child that is misbehaving and
inform them of the problem. Members may seek out the help of a WHO Inc. officer to intervene.
9. Members are responsible for their children. WHO Inc. does not carry insurance for injuries and accidents.  At any
WHO Inc. function. Officers and owners of WHO Inc. cannot be held responsible for injuries or accidents.
10. Members should realize that in the State of Louisiana grandparents, aunts, uncles, etc... Are not recognized as
legal guardians. If your child were injured, they cannot give permission to treat the child. Members may consider
giving permission, for those persons who are caring for their children, by notarizing a statement from the parent stating
that said persons have permission to authorize medical use. This is a safety precaution for your children.